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Welcome to The Trading agent Program

How does it work?

  1. Sign up
    If you are our registered customer, you do not need to register a separate account, you can be an affiliate partner using your client ID.
    Notice We do not sign any agreements and do not send any special documents.

  2. What is a Trading Agent?
    Agents are partners who resell our vehicles and equipment to their own customers. Set your own rates based on our sales prices. We are provide all management and support to your customers.
    Trading Agent generate and submits leads to to earn a commission. completes the sale and will provide all account management for active customers.

  3. What will be my profit?
    Your profit is the difference between our sales prices and your margin. Agents can mark up or offer discounts as they see fit, but no less our sales prices.

  4. When do we get profit?
    Payments are obtained by invoicing your customers. Your customers pay you for goods as they normally do. .
    We will pay a commission after a full payment by your client for vehicles or equipment.
    We will pay your profit to your Bank account.

Trading agent Terms

Any legal or physical person over the age of 18 become our partner

1.2. Licensing

Partners are provide with transferable, reversionary right to use the logo, graphic and text materials that are owned by These materials can not be used to advertise other sites except, if it is not stipulated .
Partner can not change or modify these materials without the consent of the

1.3. The relationship of the parties
Partner has no authority to make any statements and make any proposals on behalf of the Partner is not an agent of the, and assumes no responsibility for any actions of the partner violating this agreement.

1.4. Liability limitation.
Both parties agree not to use materials and names in any way that could mislead or present in a negative form of any of the Parties or their relationship. is not liable for any losses incurred by the Partner under this Agreement and the partner program as a whole, even if he has been pre- notified.
The Partner agrees to pay all costs for damages to related to a breach of this Agreement.

2. Referral Fee

2.1. Referral Fee Accrual
Affiliate fees are accrued to all customers referred by the Partner, as long as they use the services of
Payments are made according to the rates set out in section 2.2, and only for the sum paid by referrals for their services.

2.2. Referral Fee Payout.
Referral fees are paid out during the period from the 20th to 30th day of each month. Commission payments can be made to Partner's bank account. The client agrees to pay the transfer fee for sending the payment to the client's bank account.
Partner may use the referral fees for the services provided by

3. Changing the Terms of the Agreement may change the terms of this Agreement at any time and in its sole discretion . Changes to this agreement shall enter into force 48 hours after notification of the Partner by e-mail or posting this information on website. If any change is unacceptable to a Partner, he may unilaterally terminate this Agreement pursuant to paragraph 4.1 of this agreement.
For further participation in the affiliate program, acceptance of changes is necessary.

4. Termination Conditions
4.1. Agreement Term
This agreement shall enter into force immediately after registration Partner in pertner program and ends at the time of termination of this Agreement by either party. Either party may terminate this agreement unilaterally at any time, be sure to notice to the other side.
E-mail notification is sufficient for termination of this agreement.

4.2. Payment of fees upon termination of the agreement
If the agreement is terminated for any reason other than specified in paragraph 4.3, the Partner is entitled to payment of all commissions accrued to him before the date of termination of the agreement .
Payment of fees will be made in accordance with paragraph 2.2. of this agreement.

4.3. Breach of this Agreement

Violation of this Agreement as a whole or any of its terms separately consciously or not, intentionally or not, is the ground for immediate termination of this Agreement by the
In addition to the mentioned above, reserves the right to immediately terminate this Agreement and to refuse to pay commission fees , if believes that the partner has produced any of the following actions: provision of inaccurate or incomplete information about the identity of the Partner , address or other required information;
the illegal placement of banners or text links on sites not owned by the Partner;
placing banners or text links on sites not compliant with the laws of countries where servers are hosted;
placing banners or text links on sites promoting violence , pornography, illegal activities and discrimination based on gender, nationality, age or other characteristics;
use of any form of SPAM to participate in an affiliate program , including any violation of the anti-spam policy of
In case of violation of this agreement Partner loses the right to receive the referral fee, including that earned before the breach and termination of the agreement.

5. Settlement of Disputes
In case of disagreement the parties will seek to resolve them through negotiations .

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